The Message of Spiritual Liberty


“The message is not for one nation, race, or community; it is for the whole of humanity. Its one and only object is to bring about a better understanding between the divided sections of humanity by awakening consciousness to the fact that humanity is one family. If one person in the family be ill or unhappy, certainly he must cause unhappiness to the whole family. Even this is not the most appropriate simile. Humanity is one body, the whole of life being one in its source and in its goal and in its beginning and its end.

The Sufi Order is not a community and not a religion; it is a nucleus of the human brotherhood which is the inner call of every soul. The Sufi message is given to all nations; it is a call to all races and to the followers of all religions. It teaches people to follow whatever religion they may profess, but to follow it truly and understand it better; not only to believe in God and the words of Christ, but to have faith in him and his divine word. We must think of the tolerance of the master and of his forgiveness and what the world would be today if we had it too. If we follow the natural religion–that divine impulse that is in every heart–then we shall be living the true religion.

Our movement, therefore, is busy rendering our service to God and humanity in this direction, without any intention of forming an exclusive community, but to unite in this service the people of all different religions. This movement, in its infancy, is commencing its work, but its culmination will be a world movement. It is the world message and that religion which will be the religion of the whole humanity, a religion which does not distract the mind of any person from his own religion, but makes it more firm and enlightened and more sympathetic to his own religion. It is a religion which teaches tolerance towards the faith of another, a religion which opens a person’s heart to words of wisdom, no matter what direction they come from.” ┬áInayat Khan


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