Ongoing Events


The Sufi Order of Rochester Center for Sufi Studies offers several ongoing activities each month which form the Core Curriculum of our course of study. Please consult our Calendar for exact dates, times and locations, as there are occasional changes and additions to our regularly scheduled events.  Core classes are marked on the calendar with an asterisk.  We meet at the Sufi Order of Rochester Center for Sufi Studies, 494 East Avenue, the Carriage House behind the AAUW mansion. All are welcome!

* The Journey of the Soul: The Message Volumes are transcriptions of the lectures Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan presented to his committed followers in the early 1920’s, published in 14 books.  From these teachings, a wide variety of themes have emerged that are strikingly relevant today.  The Journey of the Soul meeting explores these themes through discussion, sharing and spiritual practice to provide us with practical tools for life. This class is open to anyone interested in the challenges of life. The Journey of the Soul is offered every 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm and is taught by a team of leaders.  We begin with the practice of the Ziraat Lodge (see below).

* Foundation Class: This class focuses on practices of the Inayati Order Esoteric School, including practices with breath, sound, light, Divine Qualities, and Zikr (a practice of remembrance). It is offered every second Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. and is taught by Inayat Jim Leff.

* Healing Class and Circle: Readings, practices and experiences related to awakening the healing potential in all of us are included in this Thursday meeting. The readings and discussion are followed by a Healing Circle. Here, names of those requesting distance healing and energy are read by their request, and a prayerful ceremony is conducted by the group incorporating prayers, imagery, breath work and distance healing.  Healing Class and Circle is offered every 3rd Thursday of each month, 7:30 pm and is taught by various Healing Conductors.

* Zikr Circle: An evening of chants, song and music in remembrance of our Divine Reality: Oneness.  Zikr is offered every 4th Thursday of each month (except Thanksgiving and Christmas), 7:30 p.m. and is led by Amina and Husamuddin.  Those who have never attended before may contact Amina Linda Hall for an orientation to the practice of Zikr.

* Ziraat Lodge: Ceremony honoring the elements and presenting the metaphors of farming and nature to encourage those participating to learn to work more deeply with mind and spirit, scheduled monthly in the Rochester area with The Journey of the Soul.  An annual summer Retreat Day is a highlight for Ziraat.  Basira coordinates.

* Eat, Dance and Pray: The American Sufi mystic, Murshid Samuel Lewis, originator of the Dances of Universal Peace (also called Sufi Dances) said that peace would come when people eat, dance and pray together. We begin this evening celebration with the Universal Worship (see Activities), a service honoring the world’s spiritual traditions together on one altar. We share a simple potluck meal together and move into dances in which we can embody our prayers and experience joy. This event is offered to the public on a monthly basis, usually the 4th Saturday of each month. Come and join us! All are welcome!  Please check the Calendar for the exact date, as sometimes due to holidays, Eat, Dance and Pray is rescheduled.

* Universal Worship: The Universal Worship is the religious activity of the Inayati Order, a service honoring the world’s spiritual traditions together on one altar (See Activities). In addition to the Eat, Dance, Pray event, a Sunday service is offered every week at 10:30 a.m., but please check the monthly Calendar to verify.  Various Cherags officiate.

Rumi Cafe:  A night out opportunity to enjoy scrumptious desserts, coffee and tea, and bask in the ecstatic poetry of Jellaludin Rumi and others.  Leelah coordinates.  Currently on hiatus.



The Sufi Order of Rochester Center for Sufi Studies, 494 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607, the Carriage House behind the AAUW mansion (Carriage House is 492).