Knighthood of Purity of the Hazrati Order

This is the explanation of the Knighthood of Purity of the Hazrati Order given on Pir Zia Inayat Khan’s website (

Since the time of the prophets, mysticism and chivalry have gone hand-in-hand. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Sufi sage Hazrat Inayat Khan was also a master of spiritual chivalry, or futuwwa. His teachings on the chivalric virtues are thoroughly expounded in the volumes Character Building and the Art of Personality and Moral Culture. In 1926, before returning to India, Hazrat created four Knights of Purity and eight Heralds of the Message. Thus he planted the seed of the Knighthood of Purity.

Today, the Knighthood of Purity is composed of six degrees:

GRAND MASTER (Amir[at] al-Ikhwan)

KNIGHT OF PURITY (Sahab[at] as-Safa)

GOLDEN HERALD (Naqib[a] Zarin)

SILVER HERALD (Naqib[a] Simin)

COPPER HERALD (Naqib[a] Misin)

IRON HERALD (Naqib[a] Ahanin)

All sincere devotees of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan seeking to study and practice his philosophy and art of life, irrespective of initiatic affiliation or lack thereof, are eligible to receive the squirely designation of Iron Herald. Designation is by application to the Chancery.

Upon designation, the task of the Iron Herald is to recite the Iron Rules and to apply their morals in daily life. Each Rule is recited once a day, in the morning, over a forty-day period. The completion of the set of ten thus takes 400 days.

The Iron Herald is to notify the Chancellor upon completing the Iron Rules. He or she may then receive the squirely designation of Copper Herald and commence the recitation and practice of the Copper Rules. This procedure is repeated at the completion of each of the remaining sets of Rules. If no days are missed, the completion of all four sets takes 1600 days (four years and 140 days).

When all forty Rules have been recited and practiced for forty days each, the Golden Herald is qualified to receive, upon invitation, the accolade of Knight of Purity.

Inquiries and applications may be addressed to the Chancellor, Mr. Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel:


Please see the attached pages for the Rules.  Zaynab has been knighted and is empowered to offer the ceremony of knighting for those who have completed the practice of all forty rules under the guidance and approval of the Chancellor.  Please contact Zaynab if you are interested in this practice.