A Universal Spiritual Path

When man gains insight into himself, he also gains insight into the hearts of others. All this desire for learning occult or mystical powers or psychic powers now disappears, because he begins to see all this power in one truth — loving truth, seeking truth, looking for truth, living the truthful life. That it is which opens all doors.”  Inayat Khan

Searching for a non-denominational, universal spirituality?  Interested in exploring a warm, friendly and supportive community with child and family friendly activities?  Wish to learn more about practical spiritual principals that apply to your everyday life?  The Sufi Order of Rochester offers all this, and more.  Come and meet us!


On the spiritual path of awakening, we travel together as a group of friends.  Our emphasis is on universal spirituality, respecting all religions and paths without dogma or compulsion.  The Invocation below articulates the goals and values of this path.  The teachings are grounded in a historical lineage and continue in the present with a focus on the needs and demands of modern life.  We are open to all seekers wishing to explore the purpose of life, regardless of religion, including those with no specific affiliation.  One may be Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Nature lover, and yet resonate deeply with the practical teachings of Sufism.  There are many paths to Truth and the Sufi Order offers five Activities that respond to particular interests and attunements. Please explore our site for more information about the history of the Sufi Order and our activities and services.  We welcome your interest and participation.  Join us on our Facebook page, Sufi Order of Rochester and follow us on Twitter, @Rochestersufis.


Toward the One,
The perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,
The Only Being,
United with all the Illuminated Souls,
Who form the embodiment of the Master,
The Spirit of Guidance.


Our new location is the Center for Sufi Studies at 494 East Avenue, the Carriage House behind the AAUW mansion (Carriage House is 492).  We have decorated and made this place our true home, dedicated to sharing the Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.  Unless otherwise noted, all activities are held at our Center.


IMG_1206IMG_1208 IMG_1207The Sufi Order of Rochester Center for Sufi Studies, 494 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607, the Carriage House behind the AAUW mansion (Carriage House is 492).